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Representatives of PointPay attended the first conference organized by Binance

April 17th, 2019 12:24

Representatives of PointPay attended the first conference organized by Binance, one of the most famous cryptocurrency exchanges. It is symbolic that it took place in Singapore, the city-state of the future with an extremely highly developed infrastructure and advanced legislation. This place represents forward movement, which is consistent with one of our main goals — ahead of our time; perhaps this is why participation in the Singapore conference has become so inspiring for the team members.

The event began with the hackathon (January 19–20), and ended directly with the conference (January 21–22), during which many interesting presentations and discussions.

Particularly vivid emotions among representatives of the company who took part in the conference were caused by the presentation of the CEO of the TRON project, created in Singapore, by the Chinese businessman Justin San. He shared a wealth of valuable information on the topic of building our own cryptocurrency ecosystem that deeply interests us, and also spoke about the revolutionary Atlas project, which is designed to solve the ambitious task of maximally simplifying and speeding up the file sharing process by integrating the BitTorrent peering network (100 million active users monthly) with blockchain network TRON.