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The blockchain conference in South Korea attracted attention of PointPay

April 19th, 2019 10:15

The blockchain conference in South Korea attracted attention of PointPay

The level of activity of the cryptocurrency community of this country is so high that the leadership of the company found it necessary to include Sun Kim in the ICO advisory board. Sun is a native of this country; in addition to his immediate responsibilities, he helps to build contacts with representatives of the South Korean crypto business.

At this event, PointPay team members established business contacts with potential investors and specialized lawyers, exchanged experience with the participants of the panel discussion.

The most informative for PointPay team was the presentation of colleagues from Estonia, who spoke about KSI (Keyless Signature Infrastructure) — blockchain technology developed in their country and used throughout the world. This technology, as it is known, solves two problems that are typical for ordinary blockchains: increases scalability, making its growth linear, time-bound, and not to the number transactions, and reduces to a few seconds the time required to validate a transaction, by reducing the number of participants in the Proof of Work consensus algorithm.